How to use emoji in marketing to attract more customers

How to use emoji in marketing to attract more customers

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As we use emoji in daily life on smart phone or social network website. There are lots of icons and smiley you can say it. Most of the time we see these emoji icons in whatsapp with some jokes quote messages.  but It became viral and hot topic for its acceptance.

 What is emoji 

Mainly emoji being used for expressions and simplifying the communication, where you can convey your feeling, thought or a message without typing or saying. When you write some message to friend and add a emoji icons. Message becomes more interactive and expressive.

Emoji for business

Do you know? Emoji marketing’s the hottest thing in marketing right now. It’s creative, informal, and effective and absolutely needs to play a role in your online marketing strategy moving forward.

You might be thinking?

  1. Emoji marketing has arrived. But WHY are emoji so effective?
  2. Why world’s top brands leading the charge?
  3. And, more importantly, what are some easy ways to use emoji in YOUR marketing?

For a marketing prospective emojis are more accepted. Where you can get more engagement from customer engagement. Easily you read top of everyone head.

There is a fact that 1 visual is equals to 1000 words. Yes it creates an engagement and at the end you get more attention from your target customers which more visibility more sales.


We saw that emoji are one of the most expressive and handy objects available with everyone, best part is every one is familiar with it.

Big brands also started using emoji in their advertising campaigns for simplifying their brand communication with target audiences.

07-07-18 | Gautam Kalal | 1 comments | Share With : | | | |

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