Checklist to start an online business in 2018

Checklist to start an online business in 2018

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Today, thing are changing very fast and no one want to be dependent on job or some one. I think it is best thing that you could do. if you look at last 10 years data available on wikipedia and other valid sources. I am sure you are going to be shocked. However I would motivate everyone to be in dependent and starting own business. 

Now lets talk about how actually any one can start own online business and what are the checklists.  If you are planing to start an online business  in 2018 below mentioned points you may find helpful.

1. Start With an Unique Business Name

The first thing to do (after you decide what you want to sell, of course) is choose a very simple, memorable business name that no one else is using. You can plan to have a most appropriate name or search to make sure it’s not already in use.  Do some research on internet to understand the market, name use and availability. Once you’ve chosen the name, register it. ( You can find local Consultant or any Chartered Accountant who can help to complete paper and legal work.)

2. Secure Your Domain Name and Website

Ideally, your domain name should as per business name, but if it’s not available, choose a URL that’s easy to say and spell, and relates to your business. Now days there are so many extensions are available Like (.in .agency .expert .busines .designer .co etc..)  Lets take an example, So if your business is Fashion Wears and isn’t available, try something similar like

3. Web Hosting & Emails

Selecting right hosting server is an important task to research before you invest and buy it for long term. You might have heard that website hacking an security is often question and concern for those who is into online business. here is quick tip to handle and protect yourself.

Always buy hosting with an established and reputed company and check your package include website hosing support and backup services. never ever try free hosting to save some money. that could be disaster for your business.

4.  Website Design & Development

There are plenty of self hosted (open source) platforms available like WordPress, Magento, Opencart and list goes on.. If you have good developer with you or agency who is going to develop manage your business then i always suggest open source platforms. Custom look and feel of your eCommerce website may be costliest part of your online business . But there are out-of-the-box eCommerce solutions like Shopify to begin with, but you may require something more custom-made if your needs are more than basic. I think to began with you should go with such available solutions.

5.  Online Marketing 

Let me be honest there is no point or value if your website don’t get visitors or traffic  who cares really.. yes it is most important thing of your online business to be successful.  There will be zero sales if you are not able to market your business and get traffic. Here few strategy that can really make you visible so that people start coming in.

  1. SEO – Yes it is very competitive but still you can do wonders if you do a proper search engine optimisation of your website. Best tip. You need to  think from customer or buyers point of view. and you will start noticing the problem.  Example: Search in Google “Fashion Wear” you may not see you website in top 10 results of Google but if you add few more words like “Summer Fashion Collection” or  “Fashion Wear for Summer” . thats how people will be search in summer for fashion wear.
  2. Email Marketing  –  Keep Sign Up Newsletter /  Give Coupon Code for next shopping. so that that people will subscribe and you can send new collection of your products through email everyone those who subscribed newsletter and people will start coming back to your website to buy and get discount.
  3. Social Media –  Promote your one of special products and do giveaways like fist 100 users will get a surprise gift fore free.. signup now!
  4. Influencer – Find someone who is having biggest following in your niche, offer them some money and free products. they will promote your business and you will get traffic and sales very fast.
  5. Have a proper support team to manage shipping & returns / refund policy etc. and build good review and trust with your targeted people and community.

07-07-18 | Gautam Kalal | 4 comments | Share With : | | | |

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